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by mbrotzakis
Gulf Tax Consultants.  Accurate and Timely VAT Implementations.

2018, a landmark year for GCC Member States.  VAT is getting introduced in all 6 countries, this being similar only to the European Union Single Market VAT that was effected in 1993.

The system to be adopted, although it has some similarities with VAT applied in other countries of the world, at its core and principally follows the framework of European Union VAT.

The main reason behind that is the support it offers for cross-border transactions between Member States of an Economic Union, like European Union is.  All other systems applied globally support local and import-export transactions, but not cross-border between Member States.

Implementing the new legislation, will be a daunting and time-consuming tasks for GCC companies.  Selecting the proper tax consultants should be at the top of each company’s list.

Gulf Tax has a team of highly experienced European Tax Consultants with experience of more then 10 years each and currently advising high profile local and multinational companies in the European Union.

Our implementation system was originally developed in 1993 and it has evolved in being accurate, fast and comprehensible.

Core in our methodology is a 360° assessment of a company and matching of legislation with its operating model.  In our approach, systems and thorough training of personnel are mandatory.  During our 20+ years of experience we have come into the conclusion that the human factor is the driving force behind any VAT or other tax system implementation and we always focus in that.

Markos Brotzakis
Founding Partner

Phone: +971 (0) 56 33 94 888
Mail: markos.brotzakis@gulf-tax.net

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