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Because the company is receiving more orders each day than it has the capacity to fill, its backlog grows by 1,000 shirts per day until it raises production to meet the increased demand. The Book to Bill process is a sub-process within the ADOPTION phase of the customer success lifecycle. Theoretically, revenue should equate to value delivered; this is why the ADOPTION phase may be the most critical of the lifecycle because it is the “sweet spot” between expectations and reality.

Bookings, billings, and revenue in SaaS are all closely related to each other. Get instant access to video lessons taught by experienced investment bankers. Learn financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel shortcuts. Bookings, under the context of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) learn about simple and compound interest industry, records the value of a contract on the date on which the agreement was formalized. Contract values are often quoted in presentations, internal management reports, and are requested in due diligence. However, the rising trend in billings shown may be misleading to leadership.


This may be due to a decrease in demand, a changing market, or problems with your suppliers. If this occurs, you should investigate the cause and take steps to correct it. Bookings are a good indicator of how well your products are doing. This data can show you which products are doing well and which aren’t, which helps you make better decisions about what to stock up on and where to direct your marketing campaigns.

Chargebee RevRec can automate calculations for any subscription use case. Once the backlog grows beyond the team’s long term capacity, it’s okay to close issues the team will never get to. Flag those issues with a specific resolution like “out of scope” in the team’s issue tracker to use for research later. With end of support for our Server products fast approaching, create a winning plan for your Cloud migration with the Atlassian Migration Program. So, when you search in on-hand inventory and part, you’re able to see your backlog based off of the different commit dates that you’ve put in for every schedule.

According to GAAP standards, a business can recognize revenue after delivering the services. Bookings can turn into recognized revenue at once or gradually depending on the payment terms. For example, a $1,000 monthly payment in return for services is a recognized revenue each month. Revenue is a standard GAAP term and is defined as inflows of assets and/or settlements of liabilities generated through core operations of a business.

Metrics vs. the Reality

Encouraging sales to enable prospects to pay upfront is another great way to improve bookings and increase cash flow. Needless to say, that should also mean delivering an experience that justifies the payment. This is particularly necessary as MRR does not count in revenues from non-recurring charges. For sales and marketing teams, bookings help in deciphering revenue flow. Based on these inputs, you can tighten the process of customer acquisition, retention, and a possible upgrade.

It’s also beneficial when speaking with customers about their contracts and invoicing status. Finally, when you review your P&L, you’ll understand the accounting mechanics behind the revenue section. Total contract value measures the dollar value of all products and services from an executed contract between you and your customer. This includes all years of the contract if it was structured as a multi-year contract. In the example below, we signed a multi-year agreement valued at $210K in total contract value.

What Else Can I Use My BBB Data For?

In effect, it helps finance teams to report bookings as committed money, without recording them as revenue and thus avoiding inaccurate calculation of MRR or ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue). Booking is a forward-looking metric that typically indicates the value of a contract signed with a prospective customer for a given period of time. In a nutshell, bookings signify the commitment from your customers to pay you money for the service you provide. It also helps in understanding the market demand and the product-market fit for the solution they are building.

A team’s roadmap and requirements provide the foundation for the product backlog. Roadmap initiatives break down into several epics, and each epic will have several requirements and user stories. Let’s take a look at the roadmap for a ficticious product called Teams in Space. Keep everything in one issue tracker–don’t use multiple systems to track bugs, requirements, and engineering work items.

The idea is to bridge the gap in expectations raised during a sale versus expectations during continuous service delivery. Start by adding together the value of any existing subscription agreements. Then add your expected income from any other future commitments, like training services you’ve agreed to provide or investments that will be coming your way. Your revenue backlog doesn’t affect the official revenue you report on balance sheets and other financial documents.

The third benefit to using your BBB data throughout your business is to harness the predictive nature of your data. That’s because most people only think backwards when it comes to data. They use it to see how their business performed up to now, and demonstrate how well their current business processes are working. With that backward view, executives are potentially making business-critical decisions based on old data.

Jira Service Management

This SaaS terminology is important for sales, customers success, and the leadership in your organization to understand. If you target mid-market and enterprise deals or sign contracts with your customers, this post is especially relevant for you. If your customers sign up via your website and pay by credit card, the bookings terminology may not be as relevant. But after the bookings process, the revenue cycle follows the same general process.

The reality can differ from the numbers when evaluating data on a multi-year basis. Complexities might start piling up and in return demand an explanation about the differences between projected and reported financial figures. That’s the reason businesses should consider keeping it simple, consistent and transparent to reduce these complexities and reporting difficulties. In contrast, in the case of deferred revenue, the payment from the customer was already received in advance, and the company is the party with the unfulfilled obligation.

Using Booking Vs Billing Vs Backlog For Business Success

But the above is currently a way I like to think about these terms – curious how you all think about the relationship between def rev and backlog. The criteria are simply that you have evidence that these commitments will come through, like a signed contract. In the screenshot above, you can see that it will be negative if you keep these commit dates (you won’t have enough inventory to meet the demands based off what you see coming in). In many cases, these lender backlogs resulted in situations where delinquent borrowers were able to remain in their homes for several years without making any mortgage payments.

But if you’ve invoiced for six months of a subscription that hasn’t been delivered yet, that’s deferred revenue. Finally, tracking your revenue backlog helps you keep up with demand and budget for the future. You know what products and services are in demand, which makes planning and investing in R&D easier.