Tax Planning

Tax Planning

by mbrotzakis

BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) is an initiative of OECD to develop all necessary tools that will help countries to better align rights to tax with economic activity.  In other words it aims to close all the loopholes existing in international taxation, allowing companies to avoid taxes or even worst to tax-evade.

Companies active in international markets either trading, offering services or investing must be able to both comply with local and international taxations as well as keep the tax bill as low as possible.

Our CEO Mr. Markos Brotzakis has been actively advising a number of international clients on how to plan ahead their tax affairs, minimise their tax exposure and pay the proper and not excessive tax bill.

Currently Tax Planning is the the only legal and ethically accepted method of  paying taxes without adversely impacting company profits.  Gulf Tax Consultants can help you with the assistance of its global associates to:

  • Review your Group structure for deficiencies or lost tax advantages
  • Plan efficiently current and future transactions
  • Identify and apply for tax incentives and tax holidays

Markos Brotzakis
Founding Partner

Phone: +971 (0) 56 33 94 888

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About Gulf Tax Consultants

We are a boutique consultancy offering VAT Implementation & Tax Advisory Services.  Our Consultants have gained their experience working for established Tax Practices in Europe and Australia.  With proven track-record and an always up-to-date Team of Tax Advisors, we stand by our customers offering knowledge, expertise and peace of mind.

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