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Finance Transformation

The Finance function is at the cornerstone of each and every business. Successful companies have robust and highly value-adding finance functions.

We, at GTC, are having more than 21 years experience in Finance Transformation projects in Europe and the GCC. We help companies to transform their finance function and bring it yo the 21st century. Our services are the following:

Finance assessment
Enhancement proposals
Implementation of approved proposals

Our know-how and way of working guarantee to unleash the potential of your finance function and the transformation from a mere processing center to a successful money-making support function.

Policies & Procedures

GTC Business Advisory Team has long experience in mapping and developing policies and procedures for companies operating across different industries.

Unlike auditors who focus mainly on compliance, our work blends both sound business practices and compliance. It is our belief that procedures should be easily implemented, easy for stakeholders to comprehend and follow, controls must be adequate and operating costs must be low.

Anything outside the above, usually tends to either not to be followed, not to be easily controlled or it is too costly to use.

Business Process Optimisation

Business processes consist of providing worth to a customer (internal or external) through value-added activities, moving work across functional area boundaries, and controlling process standards and measuring process execution. These are activities that are typically replicated and repeated with specific resources allocated to a particular working group such as factory line workers or customer service representatives, to name a few. Business processes strive for three things: efficiency, agility, and meeting customer demands. While efficiency seeks to cut operating and cost of capital, agility seeks to cut the time required to develop products and services, and to respond to customer and market demands. Customer demands focus on customer retention and level of satisfaction.

GTC Consultants assist companies to identify process inefficiencies, decide how to solve those inefficiencies, and assure the optimization enhancements achieve the desired results without negative impact to on-going operations.

Such optimisations, part of our Finance Transformation practice, help the company to optimally use its resources and guarantee the satisfaction of the external and internal customers of the function.