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Markos Brotzakis is our knowledge gatekeeper. Guarantees quality of service, successful outcomes and satisfied customers.

He started his career in Tax Advising with KPMG in 1992, where he was involved in complex tax cases.

Participated in the preparation and introduction of cross-border VAT system in the European Union.

In 1993 he moved to the French multinational Alcatel after successfully advising it on a complex M&A transaction where he achieved tax savings equal to 1/3 of the transaction value.

He founded MBR Accountants & Tax Consultants in 1996, a boutique tax advisory, fraud examining and transformation services consultancy.

He advised multinationals like Autogrill SpA, and Prada SpA, on complex local and cross-border VAT transactions, transfer pricing and corporate income tax. He claimed and won VAT refunds in excess of Euro 2 million for an American multinational.

“Correct application of tax legislation can save a lot of money and time spent on penalties and litigation.”

Since 2012 he is residing in the United Arab Emirates, offering tax and business transformation services to local and regional companies.

He serves as Tax Agent for several multinationals in Europe.

Markos is a Tax Advisor with extensive knowledge of VAT and other taxations, gained in Europe and other jurisdictions around the globe, who focuses on the correct & effective application of tax legislation and always keeps reminding his customers:

“Taxes are money spend and money spend must be spend efficiently and with minimum risk exposure to the company.”

Markos Brotzakis
Managing Partner

Phone: +971 (0) 56 33 94 888
Mail: [email protected]

Education & Memberships

B.Sc. (Accounting & Finance) from ACG (USA).
Member of Chamber of Tax Accountants of Greece.

Areas of Expertise

Transfer Pricing
Double Tax Agreements
International Financial Planning
Finance Transformation